Dedication to Craftsmanship 

Randall Mitchell’s team of skilled artisans provides a true custom touch of handcrafted quality in new construction and remodeling.  Our projects, regardless of size or scope, are noted for their attention to detail, innovative design, quality of construction and superior fit and finish that endures for years to come. 

Whether you have your own architect and homesite or you need assistance finding the perfect design professional and location for your dream home, our dedicated team will ensure a premium experience throughout the entire new construction or remodel process. 

Our team of highly skilled subcontractors consistently produce superior quality projects, while the management team performs on-site inspections daily to ensure that all builds follow our strict quality control procedures and that each home meets our elevated standards. 

By limiting the number of projects we undertake each year, Randall Mitchell will assure that your home receives the attention it deserves.  This personalized attention and detail-oriented approach is further complemented by the company’s talented team of skilled craftsmen, artisans and subcontractors who abide by a strict standard of excellence.  Add these contributions to alliances with some of the area’s most gifted architects, interior designers and landscape architects, and you have the ingredients of a Randall Mitchell home. 

Where We Build 

We have had the pleasure of building in many varied communities throughout southwest Florida such as Aqualane Shores, Olde Naples, Moorings, Park Shore, Bonita Bay, Grey OaksQuail Creek, Pine Ridge, Golden Gate Estates, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers and Miromar Lakes.  We can provide our services wherever you call home and welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique needs, whether it be a new custom home, complete condo or home remodel, or just selected upgrades or maintenance to your home. 

Custom Home Building Process

  1. Introductory meeting with Home Builder to discuss project goals and objectives
  2. Owner establishes Home Building Team
    • Builder
    • Designer/Architect
    • Landscape Designer/Architect (optional)
    • Interior Designer (optional)
  3. Designer develops draft conceptual design plan with input from Owner and Builder
  4. Owner and Builder review draft conceptual design plan and provide feedback to Designer
  5. Designer finalizes conceptual design plan for approval by Owner
  6. Builder prepares a preliminary estimated categorical budget
  7. Designer prepares final detailed construction plans
  8. Estimating Process: Builder solicits competitive bids from subcontractors and suppliers
  9. Builder prepares detailed budget analysis utilizing results of the quotes/bids received in the above estimating process. For those items yet to be finalized, i.e., paint, wall coverings, roofing, floor coverings, appliances, etc., Builder shall establish an estimated price range for budgetary purposes
  10. Builder submits final plans to applicable municipal jurisdiction for permitting
  11. Permit Issued and demolition/construction commences
  12. Monthly Billing Cycle commences the month following issuance of building permit
  13. Owners kept current on construction progress with 2 week progress reports
  14. Weekly jobsite meetings as necessary with Design Professionals and Owner as available
  15. Final finish preferences can be made on an ongoing basis through out the building process, i.e., paint, wall coverings, roofing, floor coverings, appliances, etc.
  16. Overview of Construction Process
    • Demolition (if necessary)
    • Clearing and Grading
    • Footing and Foundation
    • Framing
    • Sheathing
    • Roofing
    • Install Exterior Windows and Doors
    • Install Fireplace Box
    • Rough Plumbing
    • Tub Installation
    • Rough Wiring
    • Rough HVAC
    • Sound Systems
    • Security Systems
    • Insulation
    • Drywall
    • Millwork and carpentry
    • Hardwood Floor, Tile and Stone
    • Cabinets Installed
    • Interior Paint and Millwork Finish
    • Finish Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC
    • Finish carpentry
    • Carpet
    • Final Clean
  17. Home construction is substantially completed and Certificate of Occupancy is issued by municipal authority.
  18. Punch list of any remaining minor construction items is prepared by the Builder and reviewed with Owner. All remaining items to be completed by Builder in a timely fashion
  19. Final billing closed out
  20. MOVE IN!