Client Testimonials

Clients desire the best quality products and craftsmanship, regardless of the size or scope of their project.  If one pursues these goals with an expansive budget, they are not terribly difficult to attain. The challenge arises when one reconciles these desires with the equally important goal of maximizing value. It is in this context that we welcome the challenge to exceed our client’s expectations and do so within the constraints of their unique budget parameters. 

The Gill Family

WOW!! That’s my first reaction when I think of Randall-Mitchell. My husband and I have built and renovated homes in many places in the United States and Canada and there is no better contractor we have had the pleasure of working with than Randall-Mitchell. All employees were incredibly attentive, friendly, and focused on making our home perfect. High quality work and attention to detail are the trademarks of Randall-Mitchell in my opinion, and I could not recommend them more highly.

Debbie and Dan Gill

The James Family

   We are extremely happy in our Randall Mitchel custom built home.  Not only did they build it, but they were very helpful and creative in suggesting and implementing design changes along the way.  They took the time to understand exactly what we wanted and they delivered it and more. Additionally, they did it without our feeling the need to be on site as we were in Chicago during construction and only made 3  pre-planned vacation trips to Naples during the entire construction process.  They did a wonderful job of keeping us posted on progress, activities, decisions needed and we had such faith in their abilities that we didn’t feel the need to disrupt our schedule in any way.   They have a fairly sophisticated budget tracking system and both the budget and time frame were as expected.  We found all of their staff to be excellent and have continued our involvement with them by having them maintain our house while we are in Chicago during the summer months.
  We couldn’t be more satisfied with the product and the ongoing relationship.

Mike & Mary James
Grey Oaks

The Belle Family

With completion of the project, we can now confirm that Randall Mitchell was everything we had hoped for.  The planning, budgeting and follow-up of the project was professional and responsive.  The staff at Randall Mitchell was available when needed with timely and complete responses to questions.  Mitch was an on-site leader who not only understands custom building, but was able to work proactively to address the smallest of details as the project progressed.  He was actively engaged with his staff to ensure that the best, most reliable and most cost efficient sub-contractors were selected and performed up to expectations.  In addition, Mitch’s detailed and transparent accounting was a great benefit.    
The end result is a spectacular residence that has indeed exceeded our expectations for quality and operating efficiency. 
We highly recommend Randall Mitchell for anyone who values uncompromising quality while demanding cost efficient focus on the process from start to finish to follow-up. 

Jerry and Janet Belle 
Aqualane Shores, Naples, FL 

Fischer Homes

Randall Mitchell recently completed the construction of our winter home in Bonita Bay.  We considered many different builders prior to the ultimate selection of Randall Mitchell.  As a home builder myself, I had very specific objectives for our home.  These objectives encompassed structural details, building envelope systems, construction and operating efficiencies, as well as execution of finishes.  My 30 plus years of home building experience as the founder of Fischer Homes provided me with a unique perspective on the builder selection process.  
We toured various homes that had been completed by Randall Mitchell as well as by Randall Mitchell’s sister company, Kurtz Homes, prior to our builder selection.  We were looking for extremely high execution, but within a reasonable budget.  I can happily report that they our selection of Randall Mitchell as our builder proved to be a great choice.  Our completed home has met or exceeded our expectations in every way.  Our primary contact throughout the build process was one of the principals of Randall Mitchell, Mitch Melheim.  As promised from the beginning, Mitch was intimately involved with all minutiae of the project including both financial and construction details.  His approach to the build served as witness to his commitment to high quality execution without sacrificing value. 
I can highly recommend Randall Mitchell to anyone who desires a truly custom home and demands honesty and integrity of those that they employ. 

Henry Fischer

The Jones Family

This letter is in reference to Randall Mitchell Custom Homes. Randall Mitchell, led by President Mitch Melheim, built a custom home for our family in Old Naples.  We could not have been more pleased with the process and the product. 
Regarding the process, every aspect of it exceeded our expectations.  The project manager and president of the company maintained regular and frequent communication with us throughout the entire process.  During the design and budgeting phase, they worked closely with us to ensure that our needs for the home would be met.  They clearly outlined the timeline and we understood when we needed to make various decisions along the way.  They went out of their way to outline the various options available to us when selections and decisions needed to be made.  They took the time to listen and understand our hopes for the home and they took the time to explain various aspects of the construction process as it was being executed.  I observed their strong leadership and communication skills on the job site and their ability to expect and inspire the highest standards of every subcontractor who worked on the house.  Their attention to detail was exceptional.  If something was unacceptable to the company’s high standards, it was redone.  The company and every one of its leaders and employees are people with the highest level of integrity.  Though many homeowners find the home building process somewhat frustrating and painful, our experience was nothing short of extraordinary. 
Regarding the end result, it also exceeds that which we expected.  The attention to detail in the process is obvious and visible in the product.  Having gone through the process, I now have an “eye” for noticing construction and finishing details that previously would not have drawn my attention.  As I compare such details in various homes, it is clear to me that the attention to detail in our home is unmatched.  Many neighbors who built custom homes with other builders or purchased spec houses in the area have visited our home and stated that they wish they had chosen Randall Mitchell Custom Homes to build their homes.  Not only are we satisfied and highly pleased with our home, but others who visit are impressed with every aspect of it as well. 
We would highly recommend Randall Mitchell to anyone seeking to build a custom home or complete a remodeling project of the highest quality.  We can guarantee that the experience with Randall Mitchell will be positive and rewarding in every way.

Scott & Cammy Jones 
Old Naples 

The Russo Family

Thank you for the fine services your team provided in our recent remodeling. 
We expected a professional performance, but what we received was extraordinary.  Attention to detail was excellent, but I most appreciated the courtesies shown to my wife, Donna.   When you can impress her, you have done a remarkable job and she reports your team exceeded her expectations. 
So once again thank you for your excellence. 
Job well done! 

Joe Russo
Quail Creek

The Wood Family

First, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and all in your crew for a job well done.  Although our house is very modest compared to most of your jobs, your crew gave it the utmost care, as well as consideration to Ross and me given that it was lived-in during remodeling.  Deciding to remodel was hard based on the current housing market, but it was necessary and choosing Randall-Mitchell to do the job was definitely right.  We would like to do more to show our appreciation, but hopefully our final payment will suffice. 

Glenda E. Wood 
Golden Gate Estates